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Use a Pocket Knife Safely

A knife, it could be a pocket knife that has a folding blade or a fixed blade used for more severe tasks, is inherently a dangerous weapon. And so, it’s very important that you know how you can operate a knife appropriately, since you never want to injure yourself or another person.

The first thing that you should think about with regards to safety is the features of the knife itself. Is there a serrated or non-serrated edge? Should it have a sheath for cover? And does it have any type of safety mechanism?

A lot of knives, particularly folding pocket knives, while possess some kind of opening or safety mechanism. A Gerber knife, for example, could have something known as the Speed Safe mechanism, allowing an individual of the knife to spread out the blade with the push of a stud on the handle.

At that point, the blade comes out smoothly and, once opens and erect, is locked in place.

This really is important, since you have to be mindful of much more than only the sharpness of your blade. The fact is that, when you are out camping and want to apply pressure for your knife to open a can of beans or cut some rope or do some digging into the soil, you don’t want the knife to fold back into its handle by accident.

The worry there, obviously, would be that your fingers or something else of high value would get caught under the blade, bringing about a very bad accident and potentially stitches at the hospital.

Beyond any built-in knife safety mechanics is simply proper usage. When you were younger, your mother likely taught you about proper knife safety. When using a knife, even something as seemingly innocent as a butter knife, you happen to be expected to cut away from your body all the time.

Additionally you never pull the knife up towards your face, either. Sometimes, people have a tendency to cut something and swing the knife within an upward direction. This is extremely dangerous, specifically if the person holding the knife is lacking any safety goggles. And in many cases if goggles were being worn, it’s simply a poor decision to generate when using a knife.

And finally, nearly the same as scissors ensure you never run which has a knife. Due to the fact that more high-end knives (from Buck or Spyderco or MTech) are extremely well made, people sometimes fall under a false sense of security. You sometimes think that you can use things with the knife that you know aren’t right or appropriate, but won’t result in a negative outcome.

Don’t bet about it.

If it’s absolutely vital that you need to get from one place to another while running, make sure you do one of two things. If it’s a folding knife, make sure you fold the knife back into its handle. And make sure the knife is locked within that handle.

And if you have a fixed blade knife, which means that the blade is always erect and should not be retracted, please ensure that your knife is safely placed and secured inside of a sheath. That sheath should likely be with your hip, as well.

By doing this, once you begin sprinting, you do not have a dangerous, sharp weapon with you could fall on or by accident hurt someone with, should you trip or fall to the ground.

In the end, knife safety is vitally important if you plan to own a knife, or teach someone else how to use one. If you can keep in mind and implement these tips, it will go a long way to preventing you and your loved ones safe.

For anyone wondering more about knives and knife safety, as well as learning more about the best pocket knives available, be sure you visit our site to learn more!

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