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You enter the dental office and it is time for your yearly exam. Have you ever wondered what is going on with the x-rays and what is going on inside your mouth? There is a method to all this madness, just like at your physical you are getting checked for various diseases.


Cavities, or dental caries are caused by acid and bacteria. The bacteria themselves cause acid which dissolves the enamel of the tooth. When the bacteria feed on carbohydrates the produce this acid, which is why sugary snacks are a risk for tooth decay. Other sources of acid can also cause damage. Carbonation from soda, energy drinks, and even acid reflux and vomiting can weaken the enamel. The enamel softens gradually and decays,eventually the softened area becomes large enough that it needs to be filled.

At your dental visit there are a few ways that cavities are detected. One way is x-rays. Your dentist will look for areas on the x-ray that look like shadows, these areas are where the enamel is less dense and cavities have formed. Another method that may be used is a visual exam by the dentist. They may blow air on the teeth to see if the tooth has a chalky color that is common in early cavities or areas where there is obvious visual decay. They may also feel the teeth with an instrument to check for soft areas. Finally there is a method that uses laser fluorescence to detect decay. These instruments give a numerical value that equates to how severe the decay is, from healthy with no decay to severe decay. The DIAGNOdent and the Spectra Caries Detection Aid are the most common ones used. These instruments allow detection of early decay so it can be treated before it becomes more severe and costly.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is extremely common. The most obvious result of periodontal disease is loss of bone and eventually teeth. If you have ever looked at someone’s smile and their teeth appear long you have seen someone with periodontal disease. The way level of periodontal disease is assessed at the dentist includes a full periodontal assessment. During this assessment your gums will be measured with an instrument that is like a little ruler. It measures the space between the tooth and the gum called the sulcus or pocket. Additionally any root surface showing above the gum-line will be measured. The teeth will be checked for mobility or looseness, bleeding and the degree of plaque and tartar on the teeth will be assessed. The combination of this data, along with your health history will help determine your treatment.

Your x-rays are another way that your bone level can be evaluated. There are additional screenings that can be done which will tell which particular bacteria are in your mouth but those are not used as frequently in initial screenings.

If there is no bone loss or bleeding your gums are healthy. That is great. If there is bleeding but you have not lost bone you have gingivitis, which is the earliest stage of periodontal disease. Luckily this is reversible with proper treatment. Finally if you have lost bone and there is bleeding you will be diagnosed with active periodontal disease, which will need treatment to avoid losing even more bone and eventually teeth.


The third disease that is screened for at the dental office is cancer. During a manual oral cancer screening you will be asked to stick out your tongue and areas of the mouth will be looked at and touched. Your dentist may pull on your tongue to get a better look. Dental professionals are trained to find suspicious lesions. In addition to this manual oral cancer screening many offices do additional screenings using the aid of special lights. You may go to an office that does Vizilite, Velscope of Identifi screenings. These additional screening methods are used to detect cancer earlier than the manual screening. It is a great addition to your check up because early detection saves lives.

Why is all this necessary?

A thorough assessment should be done at regular intervals to make sure that you are healthy and avoid painful, costly and lengthy procedures. Problems in the mouth don’t tend to get better on their own. Without proper treatment these problems progress. A cavity will get bigger and may eventually need a root canal, or an extraction. Untreated periodontal disease is an infection that can interfere with your health in other parts of your body. Bone loss will not get better, but can progress without treatment. Undiagnosed cancer will not go away and can spread to other areas of the body. Knowledge is power. Understanding what is going on in your own body is important to taking control of your health and you life.

Like doctors and nurses, dentists and dental hygienists care about your health and aim to provide the best care possible. Unfortunately there are many people who don’t constantly get these check ups. Often, patients with dentures think they don’t need to go to the dentist because they don’t have natural teeth to worry about. They may not realize that oral cancer screenings are so important. Another barrier to treatment is lack of insurance. Even patients that do have insurance often turn down recommended treatment due to cost. Unfortunately many patients believe that if they really needed something insurance would cover it. This is unfortunate because it may lead to more serious disease in the long run, when diseases are not diagnosed early.

Next time you go in for your check up at the dentist pay attention to the screenings that you receive. If you feel like you did not get screened for any of these diseases ask for it. It is important that you take control of your own health. If you had a suspicious lump you would fight to get it checked by a physician, but more importantly you would hope that it would be caught before it became something dangerous. Be your own advocate. Ask to be screened for all three, cavities, periodontal disease and cancer.

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Bald spots are available anywhere on your head. Sometimes, the solutions to your problem are wigs and caps. For boys, they tend to shave their head of hair off just to hide their bald spot. Girls, however, will just tie their hair up or use large hats and wigs to hide their hair loss. This is not the only real solution, because you can do something about it. Hair transplanting may be the fastest way to restore your hair’s growth.

In the word transplanting, when you’re going to consider it, it’ll call to mind painful and bloody procedures that needs to be taken from other donors. In hair transplanting, the donor and recipient is you. Your surgeon will take a small part of your hair follicle – normally lower than one millimeter thick. It’ll be used to mask the bald spots from the head following the traced pen before the desired extension is filled with grafts. Every graft cost around lower than ten dollars while there are grafts that cost above $ 10 and less than twenty, obviously. These prices largely depend on the surgeon and the institution. Check how many grafts you’ll need using the graft calculator online.

Laser hair treatment however, makes use of laser technology. Simple rays of red concentrated light will be rotating on your head. Following your session, hair will undoubtedly grow like nothing happened. Some surgeons don’t approve the utilization of this because heat may cause blood clot as they say. Blood clot in turn, doesn’t promote hair growth. Although painless and safer, the outcome continue to be in question.

Hair transplanting is obviously more expensive as a result of professional fees, medications and other things working in the operation. But one thing is for sure, the outcome is already proven unlike laser hair treatment. Your decision relies to what have convinced you more. These choices are laid down before you. Weigh down the advantages and disadvantages and hopefully, you will get what you want. So, restore your self-confidence by restoring your crowning glory during hair restoration procedures.

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Migraine is a kind of headache, which is severely and includes other symptoms like, issues with vision, nausea and lots of sensitivity. Migraines are usually happen due to differences in the chemicals present in your brain.

There are various causes of migraines, like physical, hormone, emotional, dietary, environmental, and medicinal as well as hormones.

Medicinal Causes:

Use of certain medications causes migraines. These medications could be sedatives, medication prescribed for menopause which can be HRT which is ‘Hormone Replacement Therapy’ as well as oral contraceptives.

Physical Causes:

Physical activities like bad body posture, a lot of traveling, work timings, tension in the shoulder or the neck, sleeping quality and also fatigue. Menopause could also cause migraine.

Environmental Causes:

Environmental circumstances like pungent smells, dazzling lights, smoke, change of weather, in case the temperature is very low or perhaps a lot of humidity, watching a lot of television or using computer would also cause migraine and places and then there is poor air flow and short of outdoors also triggers migraine.

Emotional Causes:

Emotions also affect migraine to a large extent. When the person struggling with migraine undergoes too much depression, tension, stress, shock, anxiety or even excessive excitement would bring about migraine.

Dietary Causes:

Dietary factors also cause migraine. Foods like cheese, fruits citrus by nature as well as chocolate trigger migraine. Additional factors like dieting or irregular eating habits, an excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine like coffee or tea and also dehydration result in migraine.

Hormonal Causes:

Fluctuation in hormones also brings about migraine. Ladies tend to get an attack of migraine around the time of their menstrual period; this is called the ‘Menstrual Migraine’.

Till date no cure has being found for migraine, but there are lots of treating this problem which help in easing the pain. The treatments are mostly available as medicines, which are available in plenty, it is very important know which would best suit you.

Anti – Sickness Medicines:

In situations where nausea is a sign of migraine, then you would be prescribed anti-sickness medications. These are generally for sale in the form of tablets and also suppository. These could be studied along with the painkiller.

Triptan Medicines:

Triptan medications will be the next step just in case painkillers usually do not help in reducing the migraine pain. They’re not like painkillers. These medications usually contract the blood vessels close to the brain. These medications come in the type of nasal sprays, injections and tablets.

Anti – Inflammatory Medicines:

These medicines have anti-inflammatory properties as a result they are quite effective for treating the pain.


Fundamental essentials most commonly used form of medication helpful to deal with migraine. Actually this is actually the first step to treat a migraine. There are lots of painkillers available, like aspirin and paracetamols. They are available in the type of tablets and soluble tablets. The soluble painkillers affect faster because the body absorbs them faster.

Complementary Medicines:

Medicines like homeopathy treatment and acupuncture also help in reducing the pain, but these are not shown to be as effective.

Combination Medicines:

Combination medications are medicines which contain both properties that are they assist in the decrease in pain as well as act as anti-sickness.

Migraine Clinics Salt Lake City:

These are specialized clinics the place that the specialist will conduct an examination and check the seriousness of the migraine and put you on treatment accordingly.


Do you want to enhance the appearance of your breasts through plastic surgery, but don’t know what to expect after the procedure? No problem! Even before the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will be able to find out the most frequent risks and complications that can occur from a breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants.

Now, let’s discuss more details about the silicone implants.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic material that doesn’t cause any reaction to your body. It does not induce any chemical reaction, affect the immunity, or cause any allergies. Furthermore, silicone has been used for over fifty years for breast implants with no notable complications. It is also important to mention that there is no relationship found between breast cancer and silicone implants. While you will find thousands of forums online discussing this topic, the reality is that studies proved that breast cancer is not more common for patients with breast implants than for patients without the breast implants.

Silicone is highly malleable, so it can look very natural and have a texture very similar to the natural breasts. Aside from that, surgeons can use silicone for different interventions, such as chin, buttock and cheek implants. The advantage of the silicone compared to other materials is that it offers a long-term guarantee.

 What are the risks of the silicone implants surgery?

  1. For the first few days after the surgery, your breasts will feel swollen and painful. Expect a certain level of discomfort too, but don’t worry, the plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to help you manage the pain. Of course, each patient has their own level of tolerance to pain, so we can’t really say how painful it is going to be for you. Nevertheless, you will have pain medication to control any possible pain and discomfort.
  2. Recovery can last up to three months. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be in complete bed rest. There are even patients who can go shopping the next day after the surgery. Having said that, we had patients who suffered a lengthier and tougher recovery period. It really is on a patient-to-patient basis.
    You should be careful not to put too much effort, especially during the first week because it is crucial to your recovery. The doctor will advise you to avoid too much arm movements, especially if your breast implants are located under the pectoral muscle since it is affected by it.
  3. There will be changes in the sensitivity of your nipples and areolas. They should be back to normal on their own after the first six weeks, but in the rare case, it can be permanent. Unfortunately, this complication can’t be avoided in all cases.
  4. There is a high risk of infection, which is why your plastic surgeon will prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication and antalgic medication too. If you do develop an infection and the treatment doesn’t work, the implant may have to be removed from the pocket in the breast in order to clean the area. Afterwards, the implant will be put back. In some cases, the implant may have to be removed until the area is completely healed.
  5. You will have discomfort while moving, but it will disappear after a few days. As mentioned, too much arm movement should be avoided. This means that you won’t be allowed to lift objects to higher shelves in the pantry, close or open the door of the car and even to swing open a door.
  6. The loss of breast sensitivity is another potential risk. In case it occurs, it is good to know that the feeling around your breasts will be regained after a few weeks.
  7. It can take up to one or two years for the scars to become less visible. The final result of the surgery can only be evaluated once the scars have healed completely.
  8. Bleeding and blood accumulation at the incision site can occur. In some cases, you will be required an additional surgical intervention to eliminate the hematoma or seroma. But this is only if they are big enough and haven’t disappeared on their own after a few weeks or months.
  9. The rupture of the implant can occur at any time after the surgery, but it only happens in rare cases. If it does, the plastic surgeon will perform a new surgery to replace them. In the case of silicone implants, the rupture of the implants is less visible and it may even take years before the patient discovers that the implants are leaking. The good thing is that the silicone won’t migrate to other areas of the body, and it will not create an allergic reaction in the body.
  10. The risk of capsular contracture is also possiblet when discussing potential complications after breast augmentation with silicone implants. This means that the implant can be deformed by a scar tissue forming in the body causing the breast implants to separate from the surrounding tissue.


Your plastic surgeon should also mention the fact that you will be required to use a girdle for at least a few weeks or even months after the breast implants surgery is performed. For the first two weeks, you will be required to wear the girdle all day and only remove it when cleaning of the area. This can be uncomfortable, especially for those patients who want to show off their new breasts immediately, just bear in mind that this is for your benefit. It can take up to 12 months for the results of the surgery to be final since you can only evaluate it only after the the scars are completely healed. Even if the breasts look amazing, if the scars are severe or are too visible, the result of the surgery can be deemed as unsatisfactory. Therefore, you should strictly follow instructions about your post-op care to ensure the best possible results.

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No es a menudo que el advenimiento de procedimientos médicos cosméticos puedan crear tanto ruido en los medios.

La Tummy Tuck Con CurvasMR, una técnica inventada por el Dr. Wilberto Cortés, produce resultados y transformaciones sin precedentes, como puede observarse en las fotos de antes y después en la galería de imágenes.

La técnica Tummy Tuck Con CurvasMR es el resultado de un análisis exhaustivo del Dr. Cortés sobre la proporción y anatomía del cuerpo humano femenino, al igual que su percepción exacerbada de estética y belleza natural.

Con el uso de un “enfoque tridimensional”, el Dr. Cortés desarrolló la técnica de Tummy Tuck Con CurvasMR como una forma de producir los mejore posibles resultados, en términos de acercarse a una razón entre cadera y cintura de 0,7, que es la “universalmente considerada” como sexy, la silueta de reloj de arena.

La Tummy Tuck Con CurvasMR es un alejamiento del procedimiento de abdominoplastia tradicional, que resulta en un abdomen plano que es más a menudo que no queda desproporcionado con respecto al torso de la paciente. La técnica del Dr. Cortés logra resultados armoniosos, lo cual acentúa las curvas naturales del cuerpo femenino.

Habiendo aparecido en Fox, National Geographic, In Touch Weekly, y muchos otros medios, la Tummy Tuck Con Curvas ha ganado rápidamente muchos seguidores. Como resultado, el Dr. Cortés se ha vuelto altamente buscado tanto por pacientes estadounidenses como internacionales.

La práctica del Dr. Cortés ha experimentado una demanda sin precedentes por sus servicios y, en consecuencia, su disponibilidad rápidamente se ha visto limitada.

Quienes están ansioso por programar una consulta deberían hacerlo rápidamente contactando a la práctica del Dr. Cortés por teléfono o a través de la página web de Tummy Tuck Con Curvas


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