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Migraine is a kind of headache, which is severely and includes other symptoms like, issues with vision, nausea and lots of sensitivity. Migraines are usually happen due to differences in the chemicals present in your brain.

There are various causes of migraines, like physical, hormone, emotional, dietary, environmental, and medicinal as well as hormones.

Medicinal Causes:

Use of certain medications causes migraines. These medications could be sedatives, medication prescribed for menopause which can be HRT which is ‘Hormone Replacement Therapy’ as well as oral contraceptives.

Physical Causes:

Physical activities like bad body posture, a lot of traveling, work timings, tension in the shoulder or the neck, sleeping quality and also fatigue. Menopause could also cause migraine.

Environmental Causes:

Environmental circumstances like pungent smells, dazzling lights, smoke, change of weather, in case the temperature is very low or perhaps a lot of humidity, watching a lot of television or using computer would also cause migraine and places and then there is poor air flow and short of outdoors also triggers migraine.

Emotional Causes:

Emotions also affect migraine to a large extent. When the person struggling with migraine undergoes too much depression, tension, stress, shock, anxiety or even excessive excitement would bring about migraine.

Dietary Causes:

Dietary factors also cause migraine. Foods like cheese, fruits citrus by nature as well as chocolate trigger migraine. Additional factors like dieting or irregular eating habits, an excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine like coffee or tea and also dehydration result in migraine.

Hormonal Causes:

Fluctuation in hormones also brings about migraine. Ladies tend to get an attack of migraine around the time of their menstrual period; this is called the ‘Menstrual Migraine’.

Till date no cure has being found for migraine, but there are lots of treating this problem which help in easing the pain. The treatments are mostly available as medicines, which are available in plenty, it is very important know which would best suit you.

Anti – Sickness Medicines:

In situations where nausea is a sign of migraine, then you would be prescribed anti-sickness medications. These are generally for sale in the form of tablets and also suppository. These could be studied along with the painkiller.

Triptan Medicines:

Triptan medications will be the next step just in case painkillers usually do not help in reducing the migraine pain. They’re not like painkillers. These medications usually contract the blood vessels close to the brain. These medications come in the type of nasal sprays, injections and tablets.

Anti – Inflammatory Medicines:

These medicines have anti-inflammatory properties as a result they are quite effective for treating the pain.


Fundamental essentials most commonly used form of medication helpful to deal with migraine. Actually this is actually the first step to treat a migraine. There are lots of painkillers available, like aspirin and paracetamols. They are available in the type of tablets and soluble tablets. The soluble painkillers affect faster because the body absorbs them faster.

Complementary Medicines:

Medicines like homeopathy treatment and acupuncture also help in reducing the pain, but these are not shown to be as effective.

Combination Medicines:

Combination medications are medicines which contain both properties that are they assist in the decrease in pain as well as act as anti-sickness.

Migraine Clinics Salt Lake City:

These are specialized clinics the place that the specialist will conduct an examination and check the seriousness of the migraine and put you on treatment accordingly.