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When liposuction is applied to the arms, the medical community refers to this procedure as arm lift surgery or brachioplasty. With arm lift surgery, patients are able to remove any loose skin from under the arms, also called “bingo wings.” The surgical technique involves removing any sagging skin underneath your arm. The procedure will take up to 5 hours depending on the amount of loose skin and fats that need to be removed.

How is the arm lift performed?

Usually, the surgery is done under a general anesthetic, but being a method that sometimes can create problems for patients with low blood pressure or pulmonary conditions, a local anesthetic can be used for the targeted area, leaving the patient awake at all times during the procedure. The doctor will perform a small incision in order for him to remove any excess from your upper arm. Keeping the incision as small as possible is highly recommended in order for the procedure not to leave significant scars. You will not need any hospitalization after the procedure because arm lift surgery is a minor intervention from a medical point of view. You can feel a little uncomfortable after the procedure as your skin around the upper arm will be tighter. Small risks like nerve damage, bleeding, hematoma or infection can occur, but only in very rare occasions. However, with proper preparation before the surgery and respecting any pieces of advice from the medical staff on how to deal with the recovery, you really have nothing to worry about. Since 1930, when plastic surgery Houston made the next step with Sir Harold Gillies considered as “father of modern plastic surgery,” the risks involved in this procedure have become very rare. Even if cosmetic surgeries are often seen as a solution for losing weight, you will need to know that a cosmetic surgery is only required where exercise and diet are not working, and it is only used in order to reshape your body, not as a weight loss solution.

Preparation for the surgery

When facing an arm lift procedure, we can assume that the recovery process will start from preparation. With proper preparation, your recovery process can be fairly easy. Before your surgery, your body needs to be as healthy as possible. Some other conditions can either interact with the anesthetic or it can slow down the recovery after the procedure. It is highly recommended to declare any condition to the medical staff in order for them to analyze and find the best way for the surgery. Also try some strict diet beforehand in order for your body to have less fat as possible during the intervention. While extracting less fat, your body will recover faster and other complications like hematoma are lower in risk. Also declare any allergies, especially if you are allergic to lidocaine and your doctor decides to use a local anesthetic, as lidocaine is the main anesthetic in this type of procedure. If you suffer from any pulmonary condition, declaring it is a must, especially when your procedure will take place under general anesthetic. If you smoke, for example, try to quit smoking two weeks prior to the procedure and keep it that way even after the surgery. Poor healing process for the tissues is sometimes a problem when dealing with cosmetic surgery.

Post-op recovery

From all forms of cosmetic surgery, the ones applied to the arms are the ones that the patient recovers from faster than others. If you went through general anesthetic you might feel a bit dizzy on the first day, so try to stay in bed for the rest of the day. After the surgery, when showering, try to avoid the areas involved in the process. During the early stages of recovery, try not to use your arms to lift anything heavy or anything that may involve putting pressure on the upper arm region. Also, try not to stretch your arms too much as this forces skin elasticity.

After the first week, it is better to carry on with your recovery with low impact aerobics such as stretching, yoga poses, or anything that can help your arms to adapt to the new shape. You will need to understand that now your arm elasticity is not the same, so you will feel a slight discomfort while moving your arms. It is not something to worry about, and your body is adapting just fine. If during your recovery process you will experience some slight pain in the area, try not to use hard painkillers. Use Ibuprofen or any other mild sedatives. Starting with the second week, swimming is highly recommended as your arms need some muscular activity. From this week you can also start working on your muscles using light weights but still try not to push it too much. The recovery process needs to go smoothly in steps. Push-ups or high impact exercise are recommended from the 4th week when your tissue is fully regenerated.


Like any other cosmetic surgery, arm lift surgery helps with your body shape. From this point, it is all about maintenance. Healthy food and exercises are the best way to maintain your body to any desired shape. Nowadays through cosmetic surgery, you can have another chance. We have the control over our bodies, but it is better to leave any medical procedure as our last resort. When your body fails to adapt to a specific diet or extensive exercise, a cosmetic surgery will provide us with solutions, but do not see it as a permanent one. A good body shape will require some strong motivation and a change in lifestyle, fitness activity, and a healthy way of eating. Try to avoid fast foods or any type of junk food that is out there as much as possible. Also, if you have an office job, try to compensate the time that you spend sitting in front of your computer with few hours at the gym or do some jogging early in the morning before starting your day. Learn more for liposuction cost in Houston